The Superfoods That Could Change the Way You Eat, Feel, and Live – Oprah’s O’s Editor in Chief Discovers Shakeology

I just purchased the newest copy of O Magazine and look what I found, an in depth article describing how the Editor In Chief Traveled with Shakeology creator Daren Olien in search of the Finest Ingredients of Shakeology (You can see more video on Where Shakeology comes from: From the Fields) I have been drinking Shakeology for the last year and a half and my personal results have been: Increased Energy, feeling Satiated, lowered Blood Pressure, Regulated Blood Sugar which lasts throughout my whole day, my Kids absolutely love it, since I had already lost the weight I needed to lose, weight loss has not been an issue.  My friends have shared their personal experience with Shakeology which include: weight loss, gain of energy, significant drop in Cholesterol, regulation of Blood Sugar (Video: How Shakeology is Certified Low Glycemic), perfect for anyone, especially those suffering from High Cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes.  So O Magazine featuring this article just makes sense.

Darren Olien: From the Fields

What is Shakeology Equivalent to: Nutrition Simplified

Want to know more about What Doctors Are Saying about it?

The Healthiest Million of the Week!

Shakeology generated over a million dollars a week which couldn’t have happened without the support of our amazing coaches and all of the great people here at Beachbody.

This is how we celebrated the milestone!

Shakeology has generated this all by word of mouth and no advertising because It Works, It Tastes Great, and it makes you feel fantastic. Best of all it brings the family together.  Everyone loves it:



Tony Horton supports the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity

Tony Horton is not a Beachbody Coach but represents Beachbody products as he was the creator to the very famous P90x In Home Fitness program for which I have had the pleasure of getting through multiple times. For anyone that has done a P90x workout knows that Tony Horton is passionate about being fit and being the best that you can be. He

Tony Basket Ball Picture

recently published a note on his Facebook page in support of the masses becoming part of the solution. What solution? Fighting the trend of Obesity!!! We can all be a part of this huge movement to better ourselves and those around you. I invite you to read Tony’s post HERE and then contact me so that you can be apart of this INCREDIBLE movement. I

have met the most amazing, inspiring people since becoming a Beachbody coach it has changed my life. I have the most

amazing coaches on my team, they inspire me everyday to inspire others and be there for support for those that are on the quest to better themselves. I love helping people and the best thing is when I hear back from those that I have

helped how grateful they are for someone being there for them through thick and thin, a lot of people do not have that support at home and seek it out elsewhere, what a better place to seek it out then others that have done the programs, starting the programs or in the middle of the programs. See you don’t have to be a p90x graduate, Insanity graduate, fitness expert. You just have to have the passion to help others achieve their goals. The income is the bonus and I have

always said that.

Yes i want to become a coach