Michael Clobes is one special guy on this team.  He has a heart of gold and a gift for caring.  He is a Father of 2 and a devote husband to his wife Kelly.  He recently won an E-Bay Auction to bring the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler to his home town on Sept 27th for a Super Saturday event he will be hosting.  He won this bet as it was a donation to a charity near and dear to his heart.  He even sold his old mustang to experience this.

Michael has stepped up as a leader in the Team Victory All Stars team and recently hosted our Team Call that occurs weekly which gives the team a solid tips and training every week.  He is building his own team of coaches called the Mustangs and they are taking the midwest by storm.

Michael Clobes

Here is Micheal’s Story he recently shared in our Private Team Group

What makes me tick? As it is the first of the month take note that the entire coach network is at 0. 0 success club points, 0 commissions, 0 new coach enrollments, but we have the whole month ahead of us. What do we have to offer people? A way to start from 0! 0Lbs lost, 0 inches lost, 0 muscle gained, but they have the rest of their lives in front of them. I love the fact that we have all the tools provided to us as coaches to become successful. Just as we offer the people we are helping threw tools to get killer results. We use these tools for ourselves in addition to our customers. We provide the support and accountability that they need to become success stories.
Michael Clobes Carl Daikeler
I love people. I love to hang out and enjoy life with great people. You might say I’m a social butterfly. I thoroughly enjoy building relationships with people. Being a musician a lot of what I do is networking. The music side of what I do us probably 49% of my why. I want to have that time back that I’m spending at my day gig to spend focusing on music. I want to be able to go on the road or vacation and not have to ask permission from anyone but my wife. Which leads me to the other 51% of why I’m a coach, and that is my family. Like our super leader, Anna, who has made it to that point that she can take her girls to and from school, I want to do the same for my girls. Anna goes on vacations when she wants and it works with her family schedule, I too want that lifestyle.

My why has morphed over time as I have been a coach for 15 months and have watched people walk across the stage and be recognized for their success. I’ve watched people gain the freedom to leave their day gig, get out of debt and choose what the rest of their lives will look like just as we have the choice today, “Labor/Leader Day,” to stomp on the gas and make this our best month yet! Writing this has gotten me so fired up I’m going to bust out my power of 3 right now and work a power hour to schedule my month! #‎itsgonnabeabigone

You can find Michael HERE