Meet Kelle Friesen

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelle at our annual Team Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas.  She flew all the way down here from Canada with her coach Lara Curry and a crew of All Star Canadian coaches.  Kelle has a big heart and is always super helpful to anyone who needs help on the team.  She is ALWAYS striving to be better which is so inspirational to me.  She is a true leader.

kelle friesen
Here is Kelle’s story she recently shared in our team page

Kelle Friesen
I’ve struggled with being chubby for most of my adult life. I turned to food as a comfort after my dad died when I was 17. It became a coping mechanism for me. Throughout the years, I tried (and failed) many different ways to lose weight. It was in August, 2013 that I began a journey of health and fitness that I had no idea would lead me into becoming a Beachbody coach. I signed up for a challenge group to help lose weight and learn healthy habits. I ate alright, but needed help in being held accountable to exercising. Exercise was something that I did very sporadically, probably because I hadn’t found something that I loved to do. I fell in love with Turbofire! I completed my program and became a coach, because I wanted to share with others something I knew worked. I also wanted to pay it forward, just like my coach did with me.

Health and fitness have become very important to me. I love that I get to be an example to my 4.5 year old son. That I get to teach him how to make healthy choices and it pray he won’t have the same struggle I had with food. Also, I’m passionate about helping others achieve their goals. It’s very rewarding to help others reach their goals. I love sharing in their victories! If I just help one person, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

You can Find Kelle HERE

kelley friesen