I am too tired to workout

Hey working moms!  I am talking to you about YOU.  Did you just work a long shift?  Are your shoulders and neck tight as can be?  Head feels like it is going to explode from all the things you have on your list of things to do.  Kids have a school project?  Groceries to buy?  Does that sound like you?  Well that is often ME!

In fact, that was me TODAY.  I had a deadline for a project that consumed me.  I had people to reply to and I still had groceries to get.  In fact at lunch I went to the mall to “clear” my head and get a chair massage (one of my favorite things to do at lunch).  But by about 5pm the tension was so tight in my neck, I had to commute home and take a business call.  I felt like that commercial “Calgon Take me Away”.  The last thing I wanted to do was workout.  But guess what?  I had a commitment!!!

busy mom

Our team of local Beachbody Coaches, put on a local FREE fit Club every Wednesday night at 7pm.  So I had to go.  I walked in totally run down, and exhausted!  Changed my clothes and “sucked” it up.  Our group of 20 folks of all walks of like, ready to sweat.  So away we went.  As Tony Horton moved along this cardio workout I could feel my body get warm, my neck and back loosen up, sweat dripping, breathing heavy.  OK LET’S DO THIS!

40 minutes later I was a loosy goosy and drove home with my mind so clear and I had a smile on my face.  All because I new that my commitment to workout tonight.  Was not only physically a great decision but mentally came home to my a much happier mom.

So, if you happen to be so incredibly unmotivated today, just think of what I just wrote on your way home from work.  Throw on those workout clothes and get to your workout.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to BE.

Please comment below on how you are able to survive a busy day and still make time for yourself!

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