I recently completed day 30 of Beachbody’s Body Beast Lean program and was asked a few questions by some of my customers and friends and wanted to address my thoughts on Phase 1 of the program.

Body Beast Female Review

In order to do that I want to go back to why I decided to take this program on.  When Beachbody announced this program at the 2012 Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas, the whole MGM auditorium screamed in excitement as we always do when Beachbody announces a new program, but then I saw the SIZZLE video for the program and went “huh?  this program looks like it is designed for men that want to completely Bulk Up and then they started talking about the Supplements that go with the program and that you can naturally get bigger and bulk up, so I decided at that moment this program was not for the woman and I was going to share the excitement with all my Post-p90x men customers as it seemed like it would be perfect for them.

Fast Forward 7 months with me sitting out on the Lawn of a mansion on the Big Island in Hawaii at a Reward-Trip I won for top coaches on my Beachbody Team with some of my fellow amazing coaches and one in particular who was in AMAZING shape, as lean as I would love to be and SHE could not stop raving about Body Beast The Lean Program.  She was almost finished with her first round and she RAVED about how her legs were leaner and her upper body was leaner and just her spirit was lifted.  She followed the same path as I had over the past 4 years, starting with P90x then Les Mills Pump and felt the same way I did about them so I know that I could relate to how she was feeling and when I asked her if she was taking any of the supplements to go along with it.  She said the only thing she was doing with supplements was drinking her Daily Vegan Shakeology for breakfast with Coconut Water and 1/2 Avocado.  I of course picked her brain for what she was eating and it was basically lean meat and veggies and it was like the Seas parted for me and I knew exactly what I was to do NEXT!  EXACTLY.

As soon as I got home from my amazing trip I hopped online bought my Body Beast Program, ordered my Workout Bench and then Treated myself to something that had been on my dream board for 4 years.  A set of BowFlex Select Tech Dumbbells.  I felt like it anytime was good, Now was that time!!

I new that if I got started that this program would fall under our planned Beachbody Success Club Trip in Orlando FL so I needed to make sure I could still make the commitment.  Now here is where it gets good.

I am SO glad I made the commitment.  I am writing this on my flight to Orlando reflecting on the last 38 days of the program so here are my observations.

  • This Program is totally made for men and woman


  • Gaining Lean muscle in 3 weeks is TOTALLY POSSIBLE.  I have witnessed the most lean muscle in my upper body, back and abs at this moment in time.


  • Am I taking supplements?
    • Yes, for the first week I was only Drinking my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology until I started to connect with other woman doing the program in a challenge group I am a part of.  Now my supplements include Beachbody’s Base Shake (whey protein that I add to my Shakeology), Suma Root, Kre-Alkyln, and BCAA.  All taken in the morning either before or after my workout (if you would like more information about my workout and eating schedule please feel free to Email Me I would love to help you.


  • What is different with the Body Beast Lean Schedule than the Body Beast Huge schedule?
    • There is not much different except that one day is replaced with one day of Cardio (and let me tell you Sagi gives Shaun T a run for the money in the cardio category and the cardio is not what you expect but is completely EXHAUSTING.


  • Have I lost weight on the program?
    • I went in the program knowing I would be wearing my Body Bugg (calorie counter for which I feel is the most accurate besides for wearing a Polar Heart Rate monitor all day) and would be journaling my calories in My Fitness Pal and understanding that EVERYDAY there would be a deficit of calories.  I was aiming for between 500 and 1000 a day.  Days that I play hockey and am not at my day job sitting at my computer all day were days that I reached that 1000 calorie deficit.  So, while being in a deficit everyday I have only lost 3 pounds.  The old me would be upset and wonder what I am doing wrong, then I go back to when I did my first round of P90x and remember (and tell all my customers this) THE MAGIC HAPPENS in the last phase of the program.  This program is 84 days so I anticipate seeing more weight loss, more fat loss and definitely the most lean muscle body I have ever had in my life, NO DOUBT!  AND YES I AM 40 🙂

Body Beast Results Women

  • Has Body Beast Met My expectations?
    • Actually it has exceeded them.  As a woman, we tend to want to see results quickly (throwing out that whole Rome was not built in a Day theory because it just doesn’t sound good to us) and want to see instant results.  I can say that the results I have seen in 3 weeks absolutely drive me to want to see more results.  Just Like Good Ol’ Tony Horton did in my first round of p90x.


  • Have I lost inches in 30 days?
    • I have not taken measurements but I have taken progress pictures and absolutely see changes in lowered body fat.


  • How long are the workouts?
    • In the first 3 weeks the DVDs are on average about 40 minutes.  These DVDs go by extremely fast (I personally think faster than P90x even though they are the same length in this phase.

I would encourage any female that is looking to gain that lean muscle and seeing those curves you have never seen before to take the leap of faith with this program and take it on.  If you are still unsure or would like me to answer more questions please feel free to send me Email Me and I would be happy to help you.

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Keep an eye out for my thoughts on Phase 2 of Body Beast Lean for women (Bulk phase) ***Update 8/23/2013— I broke my ankle playing hockey on April 6, 2013 when I was on day 56 of Body Beast.  I had a plate and screws put in my leg and  I have recently recovered to my max potential and am back to starting Body Beast over filing in the cardio days with T25, because it is short and packs a major punch.  I am not a cardio fan so Body Beast is perfect for me but I know I still need some cardio to get the results I am looking for so I am maximizing my potential on that cardio day with T25. *** ***Updated 12/1/2014 *** One of my Coaches Carrie Merschat (you can find her here on FB) took my recommendation and went through P90x, the followed it with Les Mills Pump and has now done 2 Rounds of Body Beast and she looks so dang amazing.  She is PROOF this program is FOR WOMEN!!

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