First I am coming to you from a Non-Cardio lover standpoint so if you love cardio you may take my review to the next level.  I have never loved cardio in the form of “working out” but I love cardio in the form of playing Hockey or Soccer.  Probably because it is a distraction and I don’t have time to think that is what I am doing.  So you can imagine how worried I was to even push play on this DVD.  But since I am an Elite Coach and was given a Sneak Peek workout before any other coach I figured I just had to put my big girl pants on and make it happen, fingers crossed I would survive.

I will start out by saying I did do a Shaun T Insanity Max 30 workout LIVE in Scottsdale Arizona in September as part of our Beachbody Coach Leadership retreat.  That workout was unreal, small and intimate and yes I did survive.

Here is a little bit of that workout LIVE



At this event, the Elite Coaches were given a copy of Insanity Max 30 Sweat Intervals and it has taken me a month to put it in the Player.
Scared yes but here we go!!  VIDEO REVIEW AT BOTTOM OF PAGE! 
Yes I surprised myself with this!
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and Here is my OMG I just finished REVIEW