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Mar 2nd, 2015

Category: Testimonials
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Body Beast Female Review | Customer Testimonial

I love to hear from customers of mine after they complete a program as they are the ones that keep me going as a coach.  This spotlight comes from my friend Dina.  Here is what she had to say about her experience. My Body Beast Journey I just wrapped up round 1 of Body Beast […]

Mar 1st, 2015

Category: Nutrition
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Sample 21 Day Fix Meal Plan and Shopping List

This was taken from Amanda Meixner (https://instagram.com/meowmeix/)  One of Beachbody’s Social Media Managers who is also doing the 21 Day Fix. For three weeks she’s following the portion plan for 21 Day Fix EXTREME. In order to maintain her weight, she falls in the 1,800–2,099 calorie bracket. Of course, it’s not necessary to prepare this […]

Feb 25th, 2015

Category: Blog
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5 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself When You have No Time

I cannot tell you how many times I hear from moms, especially my age that say they just don’t have time for themselves.  In fact, I just received an application for one of my upcoming challenge groups and my future challenger states “I’m not sure if I have time to put into myself right now.”  Can […]

Feb 24th, 2015

Category: Recipe
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21 Day Fix Snack Ideas

One of my favorite things about the 21 Day Fix is just how flexible it is.  Yes you can eat out, yes you can have your wine.  That being said we are so conditioned to feel like we are going to make a mistake in our choices that we either don’t eat enough or we […]

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