Anna Gray

Registered Nurse

Catalyst Coach


noun a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.


fb – They Call Me Banana

How to find Time Gaps in your day

How to find time gaps in your day Anna Gray, RN 8 November 2017 Have you been guilty of saying "I don't have any time to do anything let alone something for myself? It’s so easy to fall into this trap saying "BUT….. I have to get up early to fix the kids breakfast...

Why I opened a Facebook group called IdentityMe

Why I opened a Facebook group called IdentityMe Anna Gray, RN 31 October 2017 My Journey to setting up an amazing Facebook Group In August of 2017 I opened a Facebook Group named IdentityMe after going through the hardest self discovery year of my life. You wake up...

Step by Step Coach Registration

BEACHBODY COACHING What do I need to order when I sign up? Anna Gray, RN, Los Angeles 24 October 2017 There are many ways to sign up as a coach.  If you haven’t read my WHAT KIND OF COACH WILL I BE or HOW TO SIGN UP AS A COACH make sure you read those first. But now...

How to sign up as a coach

How to sign up as a Beachbody coach Anna Gray, RN 24 October 2017 So you are ready to do this.  You have read my blog post that defines what kind of coach you have decided to be HERE. Now you need to know how to sign up.  Let’s start with who you are signing up with....

What kind of Beachbody Coach will I be?

BEACHBODY COACHING What kind of Coach will I be? Anna Gray, RN, Los Angeles 24 October 2017 When awesome people like you decide to sign up for Beachbody Coaching there are many ways you can go about doing this. My goal in this post is to help you navigate your...

Free Girls Club

You are a women who has been caught up in life. Maybe it’s your Job, maybe you are a parent, or maybe you have lost yourself in your relationship?
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3 Day 10 Minute Journal Challenge

Would love to journal but don’t have the time and don’t know what to write.  I promise you 10 minutes max.  It’s free!

Fitness and Nutrition

I have been coaching women and men for over 9 years finding the perfect program to follow based on your exact lifestyle.  Let’s connect for free.

Facebook Group Training

You are an entreprenuer who would love to have a successful, engaging Facebook group but just don’t know where to start.  Join our Free FB Group Training Community for Free Tips.

My Story

I have been a Registered Nurse, a busy mom who discovered over 9 years ago that her mind and body where most important in order to excel in life.  While pursuing my own health and fitness I learned over time that I had a gift for building amazing facebook community groups.  I love merging my love for self discovery, health, fitness into something that inspires others to never settle.  I strive to show up in life better everyday and share my love to those who listen.   I look forward to having you a part of my ever grown communitites.

Country Heat Test Group Results

Country Heat Test Group Results


After completing 60 days of the Beachbody Program Country Heat.  I saw measurable results all while having fun dancing in my own living room. .
Piyo Test Group Results

Piyo Test Group Results


As part of the Team Beachbody PIYO Test Group I was able to tone my entire body all by using my own body weight.  60 Days of commitment gave me the body I wanted for years.
P90x Results

P90x Results


For the first time in my life I took control of my own body.  I followed the plan for 90 days, following the meal plan and committing to the workouts on a very busy schedule and discovered I actually had muscles.